Alicante and Liverpool – Our Local Areas

We are participating in a project with Laude Newton College in which we are teaching each other all about our schools and our local areas. Below are some photographs of things we have sent. 

Nursery drew self portraits.

Reception made an information book about Heygreen School.

Year 1 made a Liverpool Landmarks book.

Year 2 made videos all about Heygreen School.

Year 3 wrote postcards about Liverpool.

Year 4 made videos about Liverpool, artwork on the skyline of Liverpool and persuasive school brochures.

Year 4 wrote a non-chronological report about Liverpool.

Year 6 made their own postcards to reflect life in Liverpool.


Introducing Heygreen Primary School to Laude Newton College

The children of Heygreen are enjoying having a link school abroad and they have recorded themselves making their introductions to the staff and children of Laude Newton College. The children have used the Spanish that they have learnt with their Spanish teacher, Señor Carlos Gonzales, to introduce themselves.

World Book Day

As part of World Book Day, the children took part in a whole school carousel in which they learnt about stories from a range of cultures. 

Nursery and Reception learnt about African stories and had a visit from Misoshi to learn more about African culture. 

Mrs Burger can speak fluent Afrikaans so she read them stories in Afrikaans and the children were able to predict what some of the words were.

Mr Moss taught the children about Cinderella but it was a called Cendrillon and it was written in French. 

Mrs Rutter read ‘Too Much Talk’ which is a Ghanaian folktale. The children then learnt some songs in languages spoken in Ghana.


Mr Mountjoy taught the children about Tin Tin which is a story from Belgium. 

What a wonderful day we all had! 


International Week

The whole school enjoyed learning about other countries and cultures in International Week. Each class learnt about a different country and we had lots of visitors in school, developing and enriching the curriculum.

We took part in African Drumming lessons, origami classes, Mandarin language lessons, multicultural music led by Beat Life, Engage4Africa football skills where we donated football kits and mobile phones! Cheerleadi, Spanish dancing, Hip Hop dancing, Hula dancing and much, much more.